We commenced our activities in the field of biomass ten years ago, with the handling and bagging of wood pellets at our Danish terminals in Kalundborg, Fredericia and, more recently, Grenaa. We subsequently added other core services such as trading, shipping and inspection of biomass - primarily wood pellets. Since 2011 we have had multiple hubs; and since 2012 aggregation in Savannah & Brunswick (USA).

We seek to provide our customers with turnkey solutions; i.e. solutions which minimize risks for both buyer and seller. This often results in integrated solutions, including our company playing an active role in chartering and/or warehousing in relation to the execution of contracts.

Today, we trade more than 700,000 tons of pellets per year, and ship/handle even more.

Through the years, pellets have primarely been sourced from experienced suppliers in Russia, the Baltic States and Portugal, and more recently, from major North American suppliers. Our operations in Russia and the Baltic States are supported by local presence in St. Petersburg and in Liepaja, which enables us to ensure reliable execution and quality.

We currently have permanent stocks in:
- St. Petersburg
- Liepaja
- Ventspils/Riga, Latvia
- Savannah & Brunswick
- Fredericia
- Grenaa
- Aalborg
- Kalundborg

Industry wood pellets and other products such as sunflower husk pellets are sold to power plants in Europe, while premium pellets and briquettes are marketed to specialized distributors, particularly in Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

Being part of the CM Network, and due to our large supplier and distribution network we are always  flexible in execution/shipping - a key factor for sellers and buyers.